Let me take you by the hand!


And lead you ... no, not through the streets of London, but through the part of Croatia where I live, between Zadar and Split. To me the best part of Croatia. I will be happy to share my love and experience with you. Hope to see you here...

Hi! I am Wilma van Hoeven. I found my new home in Croatia since july 2012. I live in a small village, Ivinj, close to the island of Murter and the town of Tisno where I live together with my two cats in a spacious home with a big garden and with a wonderful view overlooking the sea and the old town of Pirovac. I used to have 'the best job in the world' as I was a culinary editor of the biggest women's weekly in Holland, Libelle, for more than 20 years. I have created, tested and cooked thousands of recipes. In these years I became well known as 'Wilma Culinair', with a very personal weekly column of 4 pages with recipes, tips and culinary stories of my own life. You may therefore understand, that I love to cook and I love sharing my cooking experiences with others. My slogan is: If you want to eat with taste, you have to cook with love! I know during those years with Libelle I gave that love to my readers. 


I discovered Croatia in 2003 and during the years I fell in love with its beauty. Life here is still very simple, most people live close to their families and embrace their own traditions.

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And they are right! They are surrounded by unspoiled nature, with lots of flowers and herbs (you can pick your own biological herb tea here), precious birds like the golden oriole, the European bee-eater and the hoopoe bird visit my garden and there are still wild animals to trace like the wild boar and the jackhal.

The dry and harsh but fertile soils give plenty: grapes for wine produce, Mediterranean vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers and pumpkins, fruits like figs, mandarins, peaches and cherries and of course olives. Every family has their own produce of wines, liquors and preserves and each house has a barrel full of fresh pressed olive oil. To all that  there is the beautiful Adriatic sea with its crystal clear waters which gives fish and shellfish on the daily menu. Together with many beautiful beaches and bays, hundreds of islands and every day that stunning sun in a clear blue sky makes life overwhelming here.


As Croatia is a young country, being on its own since 1991, tourism is still starting up, so there is a lot to discover. You can dream your dreams, catch a big fish, take a sailingtrip to the islands, dive to the beautiful underwater world, take an old donkeyroad with your mountainbike, watch some birds, visit old city's, learn about the harsh but interesting history en enjoy honoust food and drinks along the way..



I want to make your time in croatia something to remember!